First Podium in Rotax - Race Weekend Recap!

!! Rotax Race Recap !!

What a weekend, what a weekend.

The double header on Aug 14-Aug 15 will be one for the history books. It was a great way to finish my preparation for the Rotax Final. Let's get into the details.

CKRC Round 6 Aug 14 -

I started the day with a 4th place qualy, I was only 0.595 off pole. In the pre-final I made up 1 spot to finish third.

The start in the final went well and I got up to 2nd in the first corner. I stayed 2nd for a few laps and ended the session in 3rd. After a DQ I was bumped up to 2nd.

Throughout the day on Saturday I was very consistent and held onto my pace. CKRC

Round 1 Aug 15 -

Sunday started out quite well. I qualified 4th with a gap of 0.486s which is the closest I've ever been to pole, which felt great.

Stayed in 4th throughout the entire pre-final. During the final, I made it up third after a meatball was thrown for another driver. I held onto 3rd for the remainder of the session.

This double podium means a lot to me. The fact that I got a podium the day after I got my first podium ever is amazing, it couldn't have been any better.

Huge thank you to everyone that has been a supporter along the way and thank you to all those who've helped me get to this point, thank you!

Overall the weekend was amazing, I got to climb the steps and take home some hardware.

The focus now centers on the Rotax Final.




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