North of 49 Rotax Recap


!! North of 49 Rotax Recap !!

I cannot believe that it's been a week since I went to CKRC for the NO49 practice day. It still feels like yesterday that I was jumping from Rotax to Shifter and back for three days of hard racing.

North of 49 was an event like no other, the atmosphere was vibin and the community was amazing. I look forward to the next NO49.

With that being said let's get into how the weekend panned out in Rotax.

Day 1 started with three 6 lap heats where the grid was determined by pea pick. For the first race i started on pole which was amazing. Having the opportunity to be on pole was like no other, and im eager to be there again

I finished the heat in 7th, 2nd heat I finished in 8th and 3rd heat in 6th.

Races 4 and 5 were tight and had some fierce racing. Race 6, on Saturday ended with a DNF after I made a move which didn't work in my favor. I have since reviewed and learned from this mistake.

Sunday started poorly after a major crash on lap 1. I was put through medical and cleared for racing. The other driver was also cleared and went on to race his two classes and he finished strong this weekend!

The 20 lap final wasn't great since pain from the crash started to set in and I wasn't able to have the pace like I was having in previous sessions.

I finished the weekend 9/10 overall which isn't ideal. On the contrary I had so much fun racing that the whole weekend was a victory to me. Being that this was my first major karting event I went in with the mindset of learning how to race hard and fast, which I did.

All in all it was a great weekend, I've learned from my mistakes and victories and will become a better driver because of this.

I want to thank @calgarykart.racingclub for putting on this awesome event and all the hard work the volunteers do. I would also like to thank the medical team for the speedy response after the crash and making sure myself and the other driver were not injured.

And thank you to my sponsors for supporting me. @hardknoxbrew





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