Rotax Race Weekend Recap ABSO

!! Rotax Race Weekend Recap !!

This past weekend was an exciting one to say the least! It produced some tight racing with highs and lows. I learned a lot this weekend and had a ton of fun doing it. I had my best finish aswell!

As of this weekend I'm sitting in 6th place for the @calgarykart.racingclub senior Rotax Championship!

Round 2 CKRC Alberta Shootout:

Round 2 started out with a good qualifying. I set a personal best of 52.915s which would be best time of the weekend. This had me starting 10th on the outside row.

The pre-final started well but changed very quickly at the 2nd corner. I went for a gap on the outside and didn't make it all the way. I did a 720 and ended up finishing 16th.

In the final I set out to make up as many spots as possible. I started in 16th and over the course of the race made it up to 11th. This was an exciting day, but nothing compared to what comes.

Round 5 CKRC Alberta Shootout:

I started out the day strong with a 8th place qualify which is my best yet. The grid was proving to be very tight with the top 8 drivers being very close in times.

The pre-final started out well and I made some passes and had some good racing going. During a high-speed corner I was punted off the track and suffered kart damage. My floor pan folded under itself and ground away on the track as I pushed to make up time. Unfortunately I made up no spots & finished 12/13.

Going into the final I once again setout to make up some spots. During the race I got up to 8th and finished where I qualified in the morning. The final had some awesome racing and was the highlight of my weekend!

All in all it was an amazing weekend! Now I have a couple weeks before the North of 49 Championship! I will see you all then!




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