Shifter Recap Races 6&1


!! Shifter Race Recap !!

I'm a little late on this one .

The last 2 shifter races went quite well. I was consistent with my times throughout the weekend.

Let's start with race 6 on Aug 14.

The day started out quite well with a 4th place qualy. I was only 1.4s off pole, which was good given I'm driving a Moto.

In the first heat I got gapped on the start by the KZ behind me and lost that position. However I held off another KZ for the remainder of the session, he was 0.031s slower than me .

In the 2nd heat I was gapped off the line and couldn't make up the position. I ended up in 6th for the entire race.

In the final I found some pace and chased a KZ for 12 laps but couldn't get by, we were within 0.03 of each other. All in all the day was consistent!

CKRC Round 1 Aug 15

Started the day off with a 5th place qualy. Only 1.13s off pole which is the closest I've been to date!

In the first heat I stayed 5th for the whole session and found another 0.1s and got within 1sec of the fastest time!

In the 2nd heat I jumped the start and got to feel what 2nd place in shifter felt like for a couple seconds! I immediately gave the positions back to avoid penalty. Finished in 5th.

The final was not very exciting and I spent the session in 5th.

The first year of shifter has been exciting! I've learned lots thus far and I'm excited for the remaining races. I'm starting to understand how things work!

It was a great weekend of racing. Unfortunately I miss the next 2 club races due to the Rotax Final, so it will be some time until I'm shifting again!




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